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I am working on a dashboard panel and I am at my wits end on how I can create a table entry for the eventcount or stats of the number of events. I am able to display my entire dashboard minus the eventcount (I need a full count of the number of events for the specific host), however when I attempt to use eventcount, it fails as it is not the first entry into the search, and stats dc(index) is not populating the search either and it ends up blank. Any thoughts on how I can get an event count for the particular host to display in my inputlookup dashboard? I am hoping it is an easy fix, but something just isn't adding up.

Thank you.


  <input type="dropdown" token="fields" searchWhenChanged="true">
    <label>Field Selection:</label>
    <choice value="table host, sourcetype, index, firstTime, lastTime, recentTime, lastUpdated | sort - host">All</choice>
    <choice value="dedup index, sourcetype | table index, sourcetype">Indexes, Sourcetypes Only</choice>
    <choice value="table host, sourcetype, index">Indexes, Sourcetypes, Hosts Only</choice>
    <default>table host, sourcetype, index, firstTime, lastTime, recentTime, lastUpdated | sort - host</default>
      <query>| inputlookup MCInventory  where index=$index$ sourcetype=$sourcetype$ host=$host$ | $filter$  | convert ctime(recentTime) ctime(firstTime) ctime(lastTime) ctime(lastUpdated) | $fields$</query>
    <option name="wrap">true</option>
    <option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
    <option name="dataOverlayMode">heatmap</option>
    <option name="drilldown">row</option>
    <option name="count">50</option>
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how are those tokens in the search query created? are all the tokens working properly? and where are you looking at dc(index) or calculating an eventcount? I think the whole xml might be more helpful

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