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Splunk Trigger alert no transaction inside log file from the directory?


I have two directory having two log files



The directory have two log files:


Have to trigger alert for the directory and logs have no transaction for 10 min

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Can you try this:

|metadata type=sources | eval since=now()-lastTime | search since>=600 | search source="*error.log*" OR source="*systemout.log*" 
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Try this:

| stats count 
| eval source="/logs/Test1/error.log, /logs/Test1/systemout.log, /logs/Test2/error.log, /logs/Test2/systemout.log"
| makemv delim="," source 
| mvexpand source 
| append 
    [ search ... whatever search you would use to find these transactions from these files that includes the source] 
| stats sum(eval(if(isnull(_time),0,1))) as count by source
| where count < 1

Then set your alert to look back 10 minutes and trigger condition to Number of Results > 0

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