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I hope someone can point me in the right direction because I really need help. SPL transforms are anything but easy and I now work for a company who expects it on a a regular basis. Can anyone tell me the best place to learn SPL from beginner to advanced without having to pay for classes? Performing one or two searches in the same statement is one thing but advanced transform statements like the Professional Services guys can write is way out of my league. I have looked at the docs on this website and they have not been helpful (unless I'm looking at the wrong ones however my guess is Splunk wants you to pay them for that info :-().

Thank you in advance.

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Our Splunk Docs are very comprehensive and free.

Other resources that are full of great educational content :

David Carasso's Exploring Splunk Book

Peter Zadrozny's Big Data Analysis Using Splunk Book

Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook