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Splunk REST Query Returns No Data for stats



Given the below search:



index="my_index" source="mysource"  _index_earliest=-1h 
|  rex field=_raw "\:\sPT(?P<respt>\d+\.\d+)" 
| fields response_time_ms respt| convert num(respt) as response_time_ms 
| eval response_time_ms = response_time_ms*1000  
| stats exactperc95(response_time_ms) as myPercent



Works fine in the UI, but when I try to execute through the API i get no data back and an obscure message.



 myPercent Specified field(s) missing from results: 'response_time_ms' myPercent 




Can't figure out what is going on, I have listed the field in "rf" with no luck. I do have search API working for other info, so I know credentials and my POST is accurate. Is there a limitation on stats?




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