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Splunk Cloud- not recieving WinEventLog



We are not receiving Windows event logs .Below is the stanza added in input.conf file. But we are not receiving the data. We are using Universal forwarder to forward data to Splunk Cloud. from the servers 

Is it due to any permission issue in the servers? The same is executed as admin from the servers

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

disabled = 0
start_from = oldest
current_only = 0
checkpointInterval = 5
index = index_base-heilite

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Hi @dkgs,

some quick questions:

  1. are you sending logs directly or passing through an Heavy Forwarder (as recommended by Splunk)?
  2. did you configured outputs.con (or splunk add forward-server <host>:<port> -auth <username>:<password>) (for more infos see at https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/8.0.2007/Forwarding/Configureforwarderswithoutputs...)?
  3. are you receiving Splunk Internal Logs?
  4. how do you ingest logs: using Splunk_TA_Windows or modifying an inputs.conf?

About the first question, it's important because you have to enable receiving on Heavy Forwarder.

About the second it's important to know if you correctly configured the destination of log send.

The third assures that the connection is OK and you have to debug only inputs.conf.

The fourt assures that you're watching the correct inputs.conf and you have to enable the wanted windows logs.



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