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Since 6.5.1, sharing searches via the share widget no longer works. Is there a workaround?


I am an admin. People can share with me. But any time I share a search via the share widget on the search screen, they get "permission denied" when attempting to view it. This worked fine prior to 6.5.x.

Opening ticket. Just curious if others have seen it and found a workaround.

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Splunk has confirmed this bug. Workaround they provided:

Save the search as a report, then
click Run (in the Searches, Reports
and Alerts page), finally use the
Share button. The under-privileged
user will now be able to see the
contents of the search.


Thanks for alerting us! My work practice would be very impacted by inability to easily share results. I will hold off on my production cluster until this bug fixed.

I asked Splunk and they added the problem to their 6.5.1 release notes:



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