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Set earliest and latest time using a variable

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I'm trying to set the earliest and latest for a sub-search using a variable from the main search. The code below shows what I am trying to accomplish.

sourcetype=log1 Id=1116061 | stats earliest(time) AS earliest, latest(time) AS latest | fieldformat earliest= strftime(earliest, "%m/%d/%Y:%H:%M:%S") | fieldformat latest= strftime(latest, "%m/%d/%Y:%H:%M:%S") | search [index=log2 earliest=earliest latest=latest | stats avg(transcode_ratio) as Ratio]

The main search is giving me the correct value and format (08/30/2016:14:23:31) for the sub search to work. I'm just unable to use a variable as the value. I'm not sure what approach I should take as I have very little experience with splunk and couldn't find an example online that fits.

Many Thanks.

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Re: Set earliest and latest time using a variable


Try this

index=log2 [search sourcetype=log1 Id=1116061 | stats earliest(_time) AS earliest, latest(_time) AS latest | table earliest latest ] | stats avg(transcode_ratio) as Ratio
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