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Search not returning a result i know is in my source

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Hi All,

I am new to splunk and when I try to search an excel file with one of the columns like id i am not getting any result.Can you please help me.

Thanks Jim

Id Project Reporter Assigned To Priority Severity Reproducibility 0032835 * Reporting (Prod) JIm, JOHN normal minor have not tried.

I have an CSV file with header in first line and data as second line.

When i try to search like this source="C:\UsersSplunk\ACsv_exp.csv" i gettign all the rows in excel file.

When i modify serach like source="C:\Users\30136321\Desktop\Splunk\MantisCsv_exp.csv" "id=0032835" i am getting "No results found.." Id 0032835 is present in CSV file

For inputing the file "I choose From files and directories" option and for indexing i opt for "Continuously index data from a file or directory this Splunk instance can access" option.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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source="C:\UsersSplunk\ACsv_exp.csv" should definitely give you all the rows in the file.

source="C:\Users\30136321\Desktop\Splunk\MantisCsv_exp.csv" "id=0032835" searches for the string id=0032835, which is obviously not in your file. Try one of these

source="C:\Users\30136321\Desktop\Splunk\MantisCsv_exp.csv" 0032835

The above searches for 0032835 anywhere in the file.

source="C:\Users\30136321\Desktop\Splunk\MantisCsv_exp.csv" id=0032835

Without quotes, id=0032835 searches for the value 0032835 in a field named id. This will work only if you have defined the fields in your file to Splunk. If you set the sourcetype of the input to CSV, then this should work.

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Yes now its working for me.Wat i did wrong is instead of searching with Id I search with id.

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what is the sourcetype provided? Try searching with that. And how do you get excel file when searching the csv file!

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