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Inexperienced with Splunk:

I have a single log server that in collecting all data into one source (file) which Splunk is then digesting (DHCP, etc). I need to search for a particular field in that data (we will call it "cats") and if it matches, use the source_ip field from the matching results to then search for the matching DHCP request line in the same source. In other words, I need to find when a user obtained a DHCP address if they have a matching "cats" field.

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Hi wczimmerman,

like @lguinn said, logs would help.
Nevertheless take a lock at this superb blog entry by Splunk hero @kbains about using streamstats on some DHCP logs. This will show you a nice way to start looking for cats and DHCP leases....

cheers, MuS

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It will help a lot if you can give a line or two of each type of data (obfuscated) - showing the "cats" field and the DHCP request line.

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