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Scaling y axis to +/- 5 of data set?

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Displaying outside temperature with timechart. The graph show 0~100, but my entire data set is 70~90. Is there a way to dynamically (Not static: minimumNumber 65, maximumNumber 95) confine the Y axis of the graph to +/- 5 of the data set?

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I might miss the point here, but I just had a look with Splunk 6.2.0 on the following _internal-search:

index=_internal earliest=-10m latest=now | eval temp=50+(random()*0.000000020) |search temp=* | table _time temp | timechart span=10s avg(temp) | eventstats min(Temperature) as Minimum max(Temperature) as Maximum

Looks to me timechart does what you would like:
alt text

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I'm also looking for the same thing here.

It is not uncommon to have data that fluctuates over time, and hard-coding the min/max numbers isn't really a feasible solution.

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