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How can I run the below search every hour and then append the results to the previous run?

eventtype=cisco_esa * | transaction maxspan=180s keepevicted=true mid dcid icid | fields mailfrom, mailto, message_id, subject

I do know how to schedule the search, but I've no clue how to combine multiple results for a subsequent search over a longer time span.


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you could use summary indexing command | collect index=mysummaryindex



This didn't work. After the search is imported to the new index, the dates are all wrong.

Earliest is "Mar 17, 1990 5:17:06 PM" and Latest is "Sep 6, 1991 11:26:51 AM" even though the search was limited to March 2012.

When I add testmode=true to collect it all looks correct, but comes out all wrong in the index. I've even tried adding "_time" to the fields to ensure it is there, that also didn't fix it.

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