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SVG instead of Flash

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Hi there,

first of all congrats on the awesome software that splunk is.

Having said that, I have noticed that the flash charts are quite slow, especially when one has many of them on a page (kind of the point of a dashboard?)

I was wondering if there was the potential for or if anyone had considered an SVG charting system instead of flash?


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Assuming everything works out as planned, Splunk 4.3 will provide non-Flash HTML5 based graphical widgets. At Splunk.conf 2011, Splunk demo'ed an early beta of 4.3 on an iPad. Of course, the product roadmap is subject to change based on business requirements etc etc standard disclaimers apply. I don't work for Splunk, so I can't say with any official authority what 4.3 will contain or when it will ship.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

4.3 is still on track to deliver HTML5 and JSChart. See above for product roadmap disclaimers.