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SEDCMD: to filter the character between the user

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Curently our proxy logs with user having special characters inbetween.
ref: DC=local/bob\, tom

I have created a props.conf with
SEDCMD-alter_user= s/\\,//g
with which i am able to get the desired value but its too generic.
ref: DC=local/bob tom
Kindly assist me with the SEDCMD
SEDCMD-alter_user= s/"local/"\\,//g

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This should be closer to what you need:

SEDCMD-alter_user= s/local\/(\w+)\\,/\1/g

You may need to tweak it for the characters that can be in your username (e.g. [-a-zA-Z0-9_]+ instead of \w+). You must escape the slash, not use double quotes the way you did, and pass the username through (\1)

I have edited this answer.

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