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Run "splunk test" in Windows command line

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I used windows version Splunk 4.3. I was trying to run the following line command in window shell:

splunk test sourcetype

It popped out a 2nd window with the results. Before I could read the outputs, the 2nd window quickly closed up.

I also tried to redirect the outputs to a file "splunk test sourcetype ... > tmp.txt", however, the 2nd window still popped up with the results output onto the 2nd window, and quickly closed up. The tmp.txt was generated with ZERO byte.

Any suggestion how I can either hold the 2nd window (with the results) or redirect the outputs so I can read these debug results. Thanks.

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Re: Run "splunk test" in Windows command line

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Thanks to Genti from Splunk support.
I copied his answer here and it works.

Thanks for creating this case with support.
So you know, this is a windows issue, where windows is opening a second window on you.
In order to stop this from happening, run the command line as administrator, and you should be
good to go.

In order to run the command line as administrator,

click the Start button,
type cmd in the Instant Search field,

and press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER instead of just ENTER.

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