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Return values in CSV lookup not in index


My CSV has 98 rows and I want the search to return the rows from that csv if they are not in my index=gcp*

what i have here is the opposite, it matches if its in index=gcp* -- i need to flip it basically.

| rename data.jsonPayload.rule_details.reference as FW
| search FW = "network:prod*"
| rex field=FW "network:prod-a/firewall:(?<fw>.*)"
| rex field=FW "network:prod-b/firewall:(?<fw>.*)"
| rex field=FW "network:prod-c/firewall:(?<fw>.*)"
| rex field=FW "network:prod-d/firewall:(?<fw>.*)"
| rex field=FW "network:prod-e/firewall:(?<fw>.*)"
| lookup firewall-exception-prod-num.csv firewall_rule as fw OUTPUT firewall_rule as fw
| dedup fw
| table fw
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use |inputlookup your_csv

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