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Return the closest match for a wildcard lookup


I have a lookup 3 wildcard fields. What I want to be able to do is to only return the closes match, so if there are multiple matches, pick the closest one, e.g. if I have the following 3 rows in the lookup

F1, F2, F3, O1

and with the following data


lookup F1,F2,F3 OUTPUT O1

I want O1 to be output2, i.e. from the second match as the length of the match string for F2 is the longest of the 3 possibilities. max_matches can't be 1 as that does not work on closest match and also, as this is KV store, I have some fields (F3) that is a multi value field, so using max_matches = 1 will also effectively remove all bar 1 of the multi value entries in F3.

Can this be done with the lookup itself or will it need post processing - and if so, how could that be done with post processing?

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