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Report results to event summary index, why value with hyphen (-) is double quoted?

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Isn't hyphen a minor breaker so I'm wondering why the values with hyphen get double quoted when doing summary indexing? This breaks the tstats TERM and PREFIX usage.

Assume I have the following datas:

2022-10-05 22:22:22what-notwhatnot


Will end up into summary event index with:

10/05/2022 22:22:22, field="what-not", field=whatnot

  What I have missed when populating my summary index?-)

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You need to add the collect_ignore_minor_breakers=true statement to the [collect] stanza in your limits.conf


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But is this only 9.x feature, since I cannot find it from  8.x. I'm still running 8.1.2.

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Hi @JykkeDaMan,

hyphen is usually intepretated by Splunk as the sign of the subtraction, so if you want to use it in a field name, you have to use quotes for that field.

For this reason it's always better to use underscore instead hyphen.



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