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Replace space in multi-value filed with comma

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Hi ,

Can we replace space in multi-value filed with comma ..?

Ex :

field : host
current Values : server1 server2 server3

Required Values : server1,server2,server3

Thanks ...

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Hi jonuwz,

i have field input_source_file and I need to make it a comma separated field, i followed your instruction but not able to get the result.

data in input_source_file is : aaaa bbbb

desired: aaaa,bbbb

My query is:

sourcetype="mslogs" ("MPSVCCMN_10081" OR "DBG_21430") earliest="12/5/2012:16:08:00" latest="12/5/2013:16:16:00" | rex field=_raw "Mapping service is running [(?(.+))]\sdep" | transaction source|search mapping_name=src_join_tgt_cachetuned*| rex mode=sed field=input_source_file "s/ /,/g" |* table mapping_name,input_source_file.

sample event:

2012-12-05 20:19:17 INFO: [MPSVCCMN_10081] Mapping service is running [xxxx] deployed in [yyyy]

2012-12-05 20:19:17 INFO: READER_1_1_1, DBG_21430, Reading data from input source file [aaaa]

2012-12-05 20:19:17 INFO: READER_1_2_1, DBG_21430, Reading data from input source file [bbbb]

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Yep :

... | rex mode=sed field=host "s/ /,/g" | ...
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