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How can I remove everything after the zeroes in a field with results like this '000000000'


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Like this:

|  makeresults 
|  eval yourField = "00000000abcde"
|  rex field=yourField mode=sed "s/^(\d+).*$/\1/"
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try this

| makeresults
| eval Description="000000000</ParticipantObjectQuery></ParticipantObjectIdentificat></AuditMessage[greater than sign>"

| rex field=Description "(?<Description>\d+)"
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hi @chrisschum
tried the above?

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I believe you need to provide better example of values, as I don't see anything after the zeros (which portion you want to remove). If your data values are like 0000ABCand you want to change the value to 0000, then you'd do like this (in search)

..| eval fieldnamehere=replace(fieldnamehere,"^(0+)(.+)", "\1")


..| rex field=fieldnamehere mode=sed "s/^(0+)(.+)/\1/" 
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It took off the full result field because it has a less than and greater than sign

000000000([less than sign]/ParticipantObjectQuery[greater than sign][less than sign]/ParticipantObjectIdentification[greater than sign][less than sign]/AuditMessage[greater than sign]"

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