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Splunk 6.13/CentOS 6.4

I recently had a Splunk outage. My monitoring software showed, plenty of IO, CPU and RAM available. Yet forwarders were reporting the TCP queues were full on the receiving indexers.

I popped into Splunk on Splunk and looking at my fill Ratios all 4 stages, which are normally 0. The 4th indexing queue was maxed. We actually had lower than average throughput. After some poking around I discovered a set of Real time dashboards were created by our NOC and send out to the general population. Once I disabled RT the queues went right back to 0%.

The abusive RT dashboard aside. I feel there is some performance tuning I am missing. With plenty of system resources available I'd like to undertand why these queues backed up so bad and what I can do get the indexing queue better performance... ideally without installing 10 more indexers 🙂

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I tried both with traditional real time search and indexed_realtime_use_by_default = true and although indexed-realtime-use was slightly better performing in both cases the queues maxed.

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