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Radial gauge with precise numbers


I can obtain a gauge with the needle pointing to the total events with method=GET and the total being the sum of the events having method=GET and method=POST with the following:

method=GET | stats count as totalGET | appendcols [search method=POST | stats count as totalPOST] | eval totalMethods = totalGET + totalPOST | gauge totalGET 0 totalMethods/2 totalMethods

However the upper limit of the gauge shows 25000 and the total count is 25904. Is there a way to make the gauge show exactly 25904 in the upper limit?

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Hi There,

I may not have the exact answer you need as we have something similar, what we've done is within the XML dashboard is pass a token from the search into the rangeValues option to set the upper limit, however this does not display the final precise number in the gauge... merely the last whole number then a gap. To resolve this we use the same token to display the upper within the title bar of the gauge


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