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REST API output_mode='json' causes client search error responses to be suppressed

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I've been working with the /services/search/jobs/export API recently and I noticed that setting the output mode to 'json' can cause responses to be suppressed. Here's an example:


curl -u $USER:$PASSWORD -k https://<splunk>/services/search/jobs/export -d search='search=savedsearch "my_search"'
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<response><messages><msg type="FATAL">Error in 'search' command: Unable to parse the search: Comparator '=' is missing a term on the left hand side.</msg></messages></response>


This same request in a different output mode has no response content.


curl -u $USER:$PASSWORD -k https://splunk.drwholdings.com:8089/services/search/jobs/export -d search='search=savedsearch "my_search"' -d "output_mode=json"


Is there some other flag I need to set to have these errors come through in JSON mode? Requests that don't result in error responses return fine. Both requests come back with status code 200.

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