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Question on how to use lookup file


I have a lookup file which has below 3 columns.

ExceptionName ExceptionKeyword Comments
REXC RemoteException Alerted
JNEXC Exception-NullPointer Ignorable

Now in the logs when the ExceptionKeyword occurs,It should look for the lookupfile and take the ExceptionName,Comments and give the result with host and count also.
And if the Exception_Keyword does not exists in lookup it should be listed as New..

Expected output as below :

Exception Name Host Count Comments
REXC ABC 27 Alerted
javanull ABC 3 New

Kindly help please.

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Re: Question on how to use lookup file

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Like this:

Your Search Here That Generates Exception_Name Exception_Keyword Comments columns
| lookup YourLookupHere.csv
| fillnull value="New" Comments
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Re: Question on how to use lookup file


Hi Deepz2612,
it should be near your request:

| rename _raw as rawText
| eval pattern=[ 
    | inputlookup exceptions.csv
    | stats values(Exception_Keyword) AS query
    | eval query=mvjoin(query,",")
    | fields query
    | format "" "" "" "" "" ""
| eval pattern=split(pattern,",")
| mvexpand pattern
| eval pattern="%".pattern."%"
| eval check=if(like(rawText,pattern),pattern,"No")
| rex field=pattern "\%(?<pattern>[^\%]*)\%"
| lookup exceptions.csv Exception_Keyword AS pattern OUTPUT Exception_Name Comments
| fillnull value="New" Comments
| stats values(Comments) AS Comments count BY Exception_Name host 


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