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I want to add a generating custom command that will query one of our DBs. So I have followed the tutorials and created a class that inherits from GeneratingCommand and implemented the generate method. Problem is that Splunk waits for all the results to return and the query might be slow (4-5 seconds). So following some of the docs it looks like timeline_events_preview is what I need but I still don't get the live update of the events view (Similar to using the builtin search command).

I can't post the original code (for copyright reasons) but I can't make it work even with the next simple example:

class MyGeneratingCommand(GeneratingCommand):
    def generate(self):
        for i in range(10 ** 6):
            yield {'_time': time.time(), '_raw': 'test {}'.format(i), 'events_no': i}

I added a limits.conf file to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/myapp/local with:

timeline_events_preview = true

When I use the custom command Splunk waits for all 1 million results to return before showing some of them in the events view.

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So my problem was that I used the SCPv1 instead of using SCPv2 that supports the chunked. This property of the SCPv2 should be documented more because I didn't find any explicit and clear description of the differences between v1 and v2.

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So you actually solved the problem? I'm trying the same thing using SCPv2 and it still waits for all 1M results before showing them in preview. Same configuration settings and CSC.

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