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Plot unique value in Timechart

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Hello team.

I need to plot only one value in my timechart.
I am using the next search string:

search...|timechart span=1d sum(GB) as sgb by index | addtotals

The values that I'm obtaining are in table mode like this:

_time index1 index2 index3 index4 Total

Each column has one value for each time and each index. When I select mode graph all the values are graphed.

I need create one graph for only one value (for example index1 versus time)

Thanks and regards.

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The best way would be to specify the index in your search

yoursearchhere index=index1
| timechart span=1d sum(GB) as sgb

There is no way AFAIK to have the table view show all the indexes and yet have the chart show only one index.

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