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Pie Chart is not showing smaller values

Hi ,
I have a CSV file, whose visualization I want to see in the form of Pie-Chart.
But on display, one of the parameter is not shown. I am guessing the Pie-chart is hiding it because of its small value.
Below is my CSV file:

ASDF         6
XCV      34
ERT      1
TDED        14
GHT      3
GHB      2
BNHJ        17
QWE     17
DDD      9
YYY      8
KLO      7
POL      2
YUO     82
TRYU         2

The Pie chart hides parameter "ERT" with value "1". while remaining ones are properly displayed.
What change I have to do to display every single value in Pie-Chart, even if its very small.
I have added this line in XML too:

charting.chart.sliceCollapsingThreshold = 0

, It removed the "others()" tag but didn't solved the issue

Please Help...!!!

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Increase the size of the chart by
< option name="height">450px then you will see.


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At the end of your query add this:

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Hi Noumssi,
It didn't worked. Please help anyone.


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