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PersistentValueStoreException when creating DB Input

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I am consistently getting the following error when trying to create a Database Input:

ERROR:TailDatabaseMonitor - Configuration Error: Error creating PersistentValueStore type xstream: com.splunk.persistence.PersistentValueStoreException: File not found while trying to store persistent values in XML file

I can run SQL Queries from DBQuery so I know my External Database connections are working. I am not seeing any SQL Syntax errors in dbx.log. Until last week, I had been able to create DB Inputs against several databases on different servers. However, now I cannot create a DB Input against any database, I always get the PersistentValueStoreException failure. I have looked around Event Logs, Splunk recent DB Connect Errors, and log files for any related errors to explain this and I have searched web search engines for resolution steps. So far I have come up with no explanation or resolution of this blocking issue.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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On my Windows Splunk Heavy Forwarder my DB Connect App suddenly stopped tailing an MS SQL DB table.

The C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\log\splunk\dbx.log log file pointed to the error described here:

(Note: there was nothing in my bridge.log file...)

My solution was to:

  • net stop splunkweb
  • net stop splunkd
  • delete everything in: C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\lib\splunk\persistentstorage\dbx\
  • net start splunkd
  • net start splunkweb

Now when I tail C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\log\splunk\dbx.log I see events being parsed from the db and sent to my testing Index. Haven't seen new events in my Index yet but the dvx.log file has lots of this stuff being appended:

2014-01-24 16:05:16.990 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11465000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.317 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11466000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.380 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11467000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.489 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11468000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.567 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11469000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.567 dbx9544:INFO:SpoolOutputChannel - Moving temporary file C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\run\tmp\dbx\kv_6615160816012925926.dbmonevt with size=5243295 to destination C:\Program File
2014-01-24 16:05:17.614 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11470000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.676 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11471000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.754 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11472000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.801 dbx9544:INFO:TailDatabaseMonitor - Processed count=11473000 results...
2014-01-24 16:05:17.817 dbx9544:INFO:SpoolOutputChannel - Moving temporary file C:\Program Files\Splunk\var\run\tmp\dbx\kv_1312121505546670529.dbmonevt with size=5243012 to destination C:\Program File

EDIT: fixed typo and can confirm that the Index is receiving data as expected.


This might help you, hope it does:

I am having the same issue, but the "fix" doesn't work for me.

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