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Percentage on field summary values


Hello, I am trying to do percentage on fieldsummary values , following is the query and results for the query -

index=_* OR index=* sourcetype=OPENAPI_ACCERTIFYSECUREGATEWAY  Details.RawRequest.transactionType=Reload | fieldsummary maxvals=3 *Details.RawRequest* | where (values like "%Empty%" OR values like "%Present%" OR isnull(values)) | fields - is_exact, max , mean, min, numeric_count, stdev, distinct_count | sort -  num(count)

field                       count   values
postalCode                  53093   [{"value":"*** (Present) ***","count":53089},{"value":"*** (Empty) ***","count":4}]
countrySubdivision          52974   [{"value":"*** (Present) ***","count":52966},{"value":"*** (Empty) ***","count":8}]
address.phone               38069   [{"value":"*** (Present) ***","count":37675},{"value":"*** (Empty) ***","count":394}]

I need the percentage on present vs empty values in values field results above , any ideas how can this be done ?

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Re: Percentage on field summary values

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If you were to write up a regex to extract the number of present values and do an eval to calculate the percentage, I think that’s what you’re looking for.

I’m on mobile, so bear with me right now. Something like:

|rex field=values "\(Present\) \*\*\*\",\"count\":(?<present_count>/d+)"|eval perc_present=(present_count/count)*100

Might need some tweaking.

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