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Passing search result fields into a drilldown search through a drilldown link?


I have a parent dashboard search which display a chart(status) by hostname, module

hostname Module1 Module2 Modulen
Ahost Y Y N
Bhost N N N

Here hostname is (zone+host) combination.
Now on click of any of status above(Y/N) a child dashboard is linked in drilldown which shows detailed status.
The parent search has values linked to fields module=Module1 and host=Ahost(zone+host) when i click on Y(leftmost corner)

On click of Y(leftmost corner), I need to pass parameters module and zone to drilldown search in the drilldown link:

I tried using click.value but that only passes the values from the dashboard to the drilldown search.
Whereas i need to pass the field values from search to the drilldown search. Is it possible in Splunk? If yes, how?

Kindly suggest.

I was able to achieve this through javascript.

Get and set token values directly:

You might need to access token values directly. This example shows how to get and set the value for a token called $mytoken$ in the default token model:

// Access the "default" token model
var tokens = mvc.Components.getInstance("default");

// Retrieve the value of a token $mytoken$
var tokenValue = tokens.get("mytoken");

// Change the value of a token $mytoken$
tokens.set("mytoken", "this is the new value");


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