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Optimizing metrics based searches?



I have the following query in one of the panels in my dashboard.




| mstats p95(prometheus.container_memory_working_set_bytes) as p95_memory_bytes span=1m where pod=sf-mcdata--hydration-worker* AND stack=$stackLower$ by stack
| stats min(p95_memory_bytes) as min_p95_memory_bytes by _time
| timechart span=1m count as Availability
| eval Span=1
              | stats sum(Availability) as totalAvailability, sum(Span) as totalSpans
              | eval AvailabilityPercent = 100*(totalAvailability/ totalSpans)
              | fields AvailabilityPercent




There are some stacks that return too many events for this metric and this causes a timeout and then the search fails.

Is there a way to optimize this query to work with a lot of events?

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