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I run Splunk Enterprise in a distributed cluster architecture, in an offline environment that is completely disconnected from the internet.

I need to browse the Splunk documentation while in this offline environment.
To do that conveniently, I want to run a web server (preferably a container) that will serve an offline version of the Splunk documentation website.
If I can also change the redirects from Splunk Enterprise to point at my private server, that would be even better.

How can I achieve this?

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One possible solution - not the one you were looking for but I think one some others may be OK enough with - is that you can export entire manuals as PDF.

So, for instance, the search manual: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.1.0/Search/GetstartedwithSearch
There's a link in the upper left for "download manual as PDF"

NOTE: This likely isn't what you need, but I thought I'd put it as a placeholder here in a comment for now - I will convert it to an addition unaccepted answer after you get an actual "accepted answer", because I think for many people who might stumble across this question later, this sort of answer may be sufficient. So, after you get a real answer (whether that's positive or negative, whatever), I can shuffle this with an edit to remove this blurb into a secondary answer.

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