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I'm new to the Splunk Search and trying to learn it. I am not from Scripting BG so need help here. I have extraction configured for specific searches/reports now when i want to use the same in another report it 1) that Field extraction is not in the list 2) It is listed as a different name and I want it to be listed with a different name when another report sent for exmple:

  1. INT - extracts the Interfaces and I write a query like - index=ABC "duplex"| top hostname INT - where log is:

2013-06-14T07:40:10+00:00 Jun 14 09:40:09.253 CEST: %CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH: duplex mismatch discovered on GigabitEthernet0/2 (not half duplex), with ABCD FastEthernet2/0 (half duplex)

now I would want to use same INT Extractor listed in a different report with the name as INTERFACE - Is it possible?

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I don't quite understand your question do you just want to rename the field INT (probably not)? Then you can do the following:

index=ABC "duplex"| top hostname INT | rename INT as INTERFACE 

If the INT/INTERFACE field ist missing then the field extractions for that source/sourcetype are not configured yet.
-> I recommend you read the documentation about transforms & props

If the filed already exists but is called INTERFACE instead of INT you can create the following ( maybe after reading about props.conf) stanza in props.conf


If you need more help let me know


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