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The vmstat log entry looks like this (Edited for brevity):

memTotalMB  memFreeMB
       991        199

And if I have index=os sourcetype=vmstat I get all the relevant log events showing up. What I want to do is to show when memFreeMB drops below a threshold, so I had the command

index=os sourcetype=vmstat memfreemb < 200

But nothing passes the filter.

I can do:

index= os sourcetype=vmstat memfreemb

and get every relevant for the time window.

What did I do wrong?


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Field names are case-sensitive so the field name you gave does not exist; try this:

index=os sourcetype=vmstat memFreeMB< 200
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You probably don't need the | convert. memFreeMB should resolve as a Numeric value. You can confirm this with something like | eval t=typeof(memFreeMB) | table t

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I think I worked it out: index="os" sourcetype="vmstat" host=* | multikv fields memFreeMB | convert rmunit(memFreeMB) | search memFreeMB < 200 Any comments or recommendations on this now?

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