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New field added to lookup table not displaying


I'm adding a new field to an existing lookup table but it's not showing up in any searches. These are the steps I followed:

  • Added the new field to the existing lookup .csv file
  • Added the new column to the application props.conf LOOKUP
  • Restarted splunkd

The existing lookup fields are still showing up in searches, but not the new field. Am I missing a step?

csv (Dependent_Service_Call_Group is the new field)

CDB Call [CPSDRVRA] Response time:,CDB Call,Checkout,500,12000  
Standardize Address Request. Response time:,Standardize Address,Checkout,500,5000


filename = Dependent_Service_Metrics_NFR_Targets.csv


LOOKUP-Dependent_Service_Metrics_NFR_Targets = Dependent_Service_Metrics_NFR_Targets ElapsedMetricDescription AS ElapsedMetricDescription OUTPUTNEW Dependent_Service_Call AS Dependent_Service_Call Dependent_Service_Call_Group AS Dependent_Service_Call_Group Planned_Throughput AS Planned_Throughput Target_Response_Time_At_90th AS Target_Response_Time_At_90th
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There could be a number of reasons for this, including OUTPUT vs. OUTPUTNEW. Can you post a few lines of your csv, your props, and an example event?


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