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Need to replace null values to space or some other valuefs in output table results


My splunk query able to get the required results using below query.  After running the query, I get NULL values in one of the column. As per business requirement i need to replace the NULL values to blank or some other values in one of the column name acd2.

index=application1 "ProcessWriteBackServiceImpl" "userList" sourcetype="intradiem:iex:ewfm" source="E:\app1\\appsec\\appsec1\\test.log" | rex field=_raw "^(?:[^\[\n]*\[){2}(?P\w+)[^=\n]*=\[(?P\d+)" | eval empid = substr("000000", 0, max(9-len(empid), 0)) . empid | search actiontype="*" empid="*" | stats count by actiontype, empid, _time | table actiontype, empid, _time | join type=inner empid [search index="*" earliest=-24hr latest=now source="D:\\app2\\app_data.csv" | rex field=_raw "^(?P[^,]+),(?P\w+),(?P[^,]+),(?P[^,]+),(?P\d+)\,(?\w+)\,(?P[^,]+),(?P\w+)" | search empid="*" msid="*" muid="*" muname="*" acd="*" acd2="*" lastname="*" firstname="*"] | eval Time = strftime(_time, "%Y-%d-%m %H:%M:%S") | fields - _time | table Time, actiontype, empid, muid, muname, acd,acd2, lastname, firstname


output results


Timeactiontypeempidmuidmunameacdacd2lastnamefirstname 1 2024-19-04 08:10:18 Break 0000000 3302 test 55 NULL sample name sample name 2 2024-19-04 08:14:41 Break 0000000 6140 test 55 NULL sample name sample name 3 2024-19-04 08:35:07 Break 00000000000 1317 test 55 NULL sample name sample name 4 2024-19-04 08:25:41 Break 000000000 1106 test 55 NULL sample name sample name 5 2024-19-04 07:25:19 0 000000000000 6535 test 55 96 sample name sample name

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@ravir_jbp ,

Did you try fillnull



replace in case its a literal value NULL



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