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Need help with Splunk query to merge subsearch with main search

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I am trying to craft a query that will look for Windows devices that have been rebooted and then have accessed a certain file path to launch a service. I have attempted this by creating a subsearch for the windows eventid 6005 (reboot), and then passing the computer name associated with that event to the main search for devices that have accessed a filepath. I am not sure how to obtain an output that will show the computer name of a device that has recently had a reboot and also has accessed the file path.

Thank you for any help, I am new to Splunk subsearches and appreciate any pointers.

index=wineventlog Creator_Process_Name="C:\\Program Files\\XXX\\YYY\\file.exe"
[search index=wineventlog  ComputerName="*xyz.local"  EventCode="6005" | stats count by ComputerName, EventCode | fields ComputerName, EventCode]
|stats values (?) by EventCode


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Try something like this

index=wineventlog ComputerName="*xyz.local" (EventCode="6005" OR Creator_Process_Name="C:\\Program Files\\XXX\\YYY\\file.exe")
|stats values(*) as * by ComputerName
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