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Multiple events returned in a single transaction - possible to create a single row in a table/csv file?


I've got a transaction that returns 2 events. Originally these are 3 events but the transaction has combined 2 of them (I assume since they are from the same index/sourcetype.) When I output the fields (via outputcsv), I get 3 rows. Is it possible to have the output returned as a single row - as in a single transaction?

Here's an example of my search:

(index=corp OR index=mail) (sourcetype=fireeye OR sourcetype=imap) (fenotify=* OR Machine=*) 
  | transaction fenotify src_host connected=f maxspan=5m maxpause=5m 
  | fields + Date,Machine,src_ip,Subject,cef_dvendor,sname,dest_cnc_name,dest_cnc_channel_user_agent
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IIRC, the call to fields with the plus sign won't get rid of the reserved fields. I'm guessing you're also still seeing _raw, _cd, and friends in the CSV?

Try adding a call to:

| fields - _*
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I'm not seeing any unspecified fields with this search but the issue is that the fields returned show up in multiple rows because these are actually multiple events

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