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Merge two search results in one row


I have the below events and I want to merge the search results:

20171222.103330 Fr I - 0 Fn=makeRequest Endpoint=https://mydomain.api..net/v1/person/personid tid=e95126db-6184-4405-8c74-2ed978beb320 HttpStatusCode=200 ElapsedTime=55

I want to get the following result -

 ErrorRate   | tp90

I have the below two separate queries. How can I merge both queries -

index=abc "Fn=makeRequest"  HttpStatusCode > 201 AND HttpStatusCode !=404 |timechart bins=1000 count as ErrorRate
index=abc "Fn=makeRequest"  |timechart bins=1000 cont=FALSE  perc90(ElapsedTime) as perc90
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You can use eval in statistics commands to help you qualify fields e.g.:

index=abc "Fn=makeRequest" 
| timechart bins=1000 count(eval(HttpStatusCode > 201 AND HttpStatusCode !=404)) as ErrorRate perc90(ElapsedTime) as perc90