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Merge app config files designed for distributed environments?

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I'm developing an app that will run on in an distributed environment in production, with a search head, an indexer and a forwarder.

Obviously this means that the settings in my *.conf files are split between the three roles.

In development, however, it doesn't make sense for me to have this setup as I have only a single system - I'm simply using a forwarder and an indexer.

The app is changing rapidly, and I'm trying to figure out a way to make changes easily and deploy them to dev without having to go back and change them when it's time to push releases to production.

As far as I can tell, these are my options:

  1. write a shell script to concatenate the files for the search head and indexer before pushing them to production
  2. Use a single unified file for props.conf, transforms.conf, etc. across the indexer and search head (this makes the setup less clear/maintainable in my view)
  3. Putting one of the files in default/ rather than local/ in the app directory on dev. It seems like this would work, but I'm not sure what consequences it could have, and it could lead to conflicts if I make a mistake.

Is there another way around this?

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Can you not just install both apps (fooapp-indexer and fooapp-searchhead) on the combined dev node? This is the approach I've used in the past to some success - but your problems may be more complex than mine.

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