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Match values from different fields in lookup and field in search


I've spent considerable time trying to get this to work and have searched topics but nothing appears to get me where I am trying to go.

I'm trying to pull values from a field in a search and then see if they exist in a lookuptable.

The search is like:
inex=win sourcetype=windows:security logs EventType=4722

The value I am interested in here is under the field Target_Account_Account_Name

The Lookup
I have a loookup table ad_dump.csv that stores AD Attributes. The fields I am interested in here are Enabled and SamAccountName.

I am trying to find users who's account was disabled and recently enabled. There may be an easier way to accomplish this and I am open to suggestions but where I am at this is what I am trying to do.

Run the search to pull the field Target_Account_Account_Name and see if that identical value exists in the SamAccountName field from the lookup if their Enabled field is equal to False.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Like this?

index=windows sourcetype=windows:security logs EventType=4722
| lookup dump.csv SamAccountName AS Target_Account_Account_Name OUTPUT Enabled 


Thank you! That was almost exactly what I needed. I just added a filter for retrieving the False field.


index=win sourcetype="WinEventLog:Security" EventCode=4722  
| lookup ad_dump.csv SamAccountName AS Target_Account_Account_Name OUTPUT Enabled
| search Enabled=False
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