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I am curious if there is a solution to map internal networks that do not have connections to internet. We have a large network that is closed off from the outside world, but connected to multiple other networks internally to our organization.

I would like to visualize the inbound connections and at some point also have IN/Out mapped.

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Have you seen the Splunk for InterMapper app?

It provides the ability to map your network devices (switches, routers, servers etc) on a rack image, world map or even a blank background and then pull it into Splunk. By pulling it into Splunk you can then drilldown on individual devices to see layer 2 and 3 information including any related log data.

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What type of network devices are you using to connect to other networks? What kind of bandwidth? Dedicated T1's, what tyope of network devices? Are you using Cisco ( or other brand name technology) I would recommend importing or setting up a syslog reciving port (TCP or UDP) on your Splunk server.
Then analyzing that information.


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