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Lookup with wildcard in data, not in lookup table?

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Hi. I know a lookup file can contain wildcards and use them with the WILDCARD(<field>) setting, but is it possible to do the opposite, where the wildcard is in the dataset, rather then the lookup?

For more detail:

I have a lookup file that contains names and some location information, formatted like this:

lastname, firstname, m [us-us]  

I have some source data that contains names, without the middle initial or the location data. I can manipulate it to get it into lastname, firstname format. 

Is it possible to do wildcard matching to a lookup when the wildcard is in the data set, as opposed to the lookup file?  So, if my data has a field called name as Doe, John* and the lookup file has fullname: Doe, John M [us-us], it would be a match?

| lookup myfile fullname as name 

I appreciate any help. I tried looking around for this, but only found references to the wildcard in the lookup, not in the dataset.

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