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Lookup with IP range

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Hi there, what's the best way to append a search with a lookup with ip subnet ranges and some extra information for those IP's?


 clientip, zone, areacode, home, 255

I've added the transforms.conf in the app:

filename = iprange.csv
defaultmatch = OK
type = CIDR(clientip)

and the search:

 sourcetype=firewall area=* | lookup iprange.csv clientip as src OUTPUT clientip zone area |table src, zone, area

Yet it doesn't seem to work so far, any suggestions?

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Re: Lookup with IP range


Hi MoermansM,

You are not getting output because the ip you are getting from firewall is without subnet and your csv contain ip with subnet so can not map the column.

So in this case the alternative solution for this is to add one more column to your iprange.csv as below: if you are doing this modification then there is no need of transforms.conf.

src, clientip, zone, areacode,, home, 255

then try this ..

sourcetype=firewall area=* | dedup src | lookup iprange.csv src OUTPUT src clientip zone area |table src, clientip, zone, area
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Re: Lookup with IP range

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I have exactly the same scenario and its not working. I don't want to add the ip's manually as src, that will defeat the purpose of having a dynamic lookup. Any pointers are appreciated.

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