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Ldapsearch query speed difference



We have a Splunk Environment with 3 Search Head in the SHC.

We try to perform an ldapsearch command using the SA-LDAPsearch 3.0.2 add-on.

The search takes a devastating 18-19 seconds to load on the first and third Search Heads but on the second one it takes 3-4 seconds.

We inspected the job and saw that according to the search.log the second SH indeed takes milliseconds between each action meanwhile the other two take 2-3 seconds between each internal step.

We tried to speed up the ldapsearch with the "attrs" and "basedn" settings but even though it helped a little bit, 19 seconds is still too much time...

The three search heads have identical resources and settings.

What can be the cause of this major difference and what can I do to speed-up the ldapsearch or in what way can I debug it better?




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