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LISPY issues with Windows Defender Logs


Hey Splunkers,

in the last days I'm trying to learn and understand the principles of LISPY to understand the fllowing phenomenon. By now I can tell that I've learned a lot but still can't comprehend the behaviour of Splunk putting its LISPY queries  together.

Szenario: Our analysts are working with Windows Defender Logs and therefore we are using two TAs (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3734/ and https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/5208/) to extract and normalize the data. The TA by nextpart does a renaming of the source and a automatic lookup as you can see in this props.conf


[source::...WinEventLog:Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender/Operational]
# Default shorten to easy readable source
EVAL-source = "XmlWinEventLog:Defender"
LOOKUP-CategoryString_for_windows = windefender_signature_lookup signature_id OUTPUTNEW action, CategoryString, result, subsystem



 I understand what is happening here so far, but now we have a strange behaviour whie running SPL on the data where we used the fields "index", "source" and "CategoryString". "CategoryString" comes as output fromthe automatic lookup. That was when i took a closer look at the LISPY and was able to locate the problem:


index=indexname source="XmlWinEventLog:Defender" CategoryString=action

[ AND action index::indexname [ OR source::*wineventlog:microsoft-windows-windows\ defender/operational source::xmlwineventlog:defender ] ]


index=indexname SourceName="Microsoft-Windows-Windows Defender" CategoryString=action

[ AND defender index::indexname microsoft windows [ OR action source::*wineventlog:microsoft-windows-windows\ defender/operational ] ]


As far as I understand the string "action" is not found in tsidx file as it is returned as a field value from a automatic lookup and that's why our first LISPY does not provide any data and the SPL gives back 0 results. In the second SPL where we used SourceName (not indexed) instead of Source (indexed) the LISPY looked different and worked as the string "action" is now in OR-clause and not in the AND-clause at the beginning...

My questions now are:

  • As I'm a very curious guy, can someone explain this behaviour to me?
  • What would / could be a good way or workaround to "fix" this so that the field "source" and "CategoryString" can be used together?



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