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At .conf this year, a new feature was showed off that allowed auto-formatting of SPL in the search bar with the press of a button in 6.5. It took a search from a single line:

index=myindex | stats count by action

to multiple lines:

| stats count by action

Does anyone know what the key is that accomplishes this?

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Answer is Ctrl + Shift + F
That will make your SPL neat and clean!

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So how about unformatting?

To get everything back into a single line.

This will solve the issue for people that use savedsearches.conf stanza's where formatted code copy pasted from splunk GUI will cause everything after the first PIPE to be ignored by the savedsearch configuration on the search head.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

A similar question was asked by a customer who uses a Norwegian Keyboard (below):


There is a §| key above the Tab key (left of the 1) and that produces the \ character within Splunk.

Pressing Ctrl+§| enables Search Bar formatting in Splunk 6.5.x. This was confirmed to work by the customer.

That is the same physical location of the ^ character on a German T2 Keyboard


(See also: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/459003/what-is-the-keyboard-shortcut-for-the-splunk-650-s.html)

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OMG I love you so much... I tried all the combinations on my German keyboard to get that feature to work, but this (completely unrelated) key combo works fine. Yeah! 😄

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Did someone try this using a Mac and a german keyboard ? Even using BetterTouchTool I'm not able to simulate that shortcut.

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On a Mac /w German keyboard cmd # should do the trick

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Thank you for the link! Ctrl+\ did the trick!

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