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HostA contains employer_code like (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)
HostB contains ER Code like (A,A,B,D,D)

I am trying to join 2 data sources with below query.
host=HostA|join employer_code [search host=HostB| eval "ER Code"=employer_code]

I am not getting result like inner join in SQL.
Can anybody help.Is there any other way to solve this issue rather than join?
Can we achieve this by sub search?

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Try something like this:

host=HostA OR host=HostB ... rest of your search string...
| eval employer_code=if(host="HostB",ErID,employer_code)
| stats avg(field1) count(field2) by employer_code

Join may not be necessary in Splunk and is often an expensive operation. Does this get you closer to what you need?


or use Splunk DB connect and run the SQL statment as

| dbquery database your SQLfu

if you are more comfortable with SQL

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i need to convert above SQL to splunk serarch

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My SQL will be like this.

select avg(a.field1),count(b.field2)
from HostA a
join HostB b on a.empId=b.ErID
group by a.field,b.field2;

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What's your actual use case?

Working off an existing search only is often futile for finding the best approach.

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