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JSON + KV Extraction


I have some JSON events, with fields extracted correctly.

Inside the JSON event is a key value dictionary like so

"integrations": ["product=splunk, product_version=6.5, name=splunk"]

The resulting JSON extracted field / value -- intgrations=["product=splunk, product_version=6.5, name=splunk"]

As a regex n00b having relied on IFX in the past, I'm now trying to split product, product_version, and name into fields too.

How would I form a regular expression to use as a field extraction to specify these 3 fields (i.e field starts with "product=" and ends with either "," or """ (not all fields are always in dictionary)?

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your basesearch |rename 'integrations.product' as product| rename 'integrations.product_version' as product_version|rename 'integrations.name' as name|table product product_version_name

If I understood should sort you out without having to extract fields.

You could add each rename command to a calculated field if you wished which would perform this for you automaticly

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Check out rubular.com and have fun yourself.

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