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JSON Field Extraction and Charting


I have a sample JSON just like this.

{"Domain":"DotComMobile","Metrics":"city","Brooklyn":782,"Bronx":450,"New York":411,"Philadelphia":287,"Chicago":254,"Washington":210,"Silver Spring":176,"Houston":148,"Los Angeles":140,"Boston":133}

I want to chart the values corresponding to cities in a pie chart similar to the picture attached. How would I accomplish this?

spath extracts the JSON as individual key value pairs but not able to move further from there to creating pier chart of the cities in the JSON.

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Here is one way to get the pie chart to work. It may not be the best, but it will at least get you started. It is a run-anywhere search that you can just paste into the search bar and it will show you the results of the data that you have provided:

| makeresults
| eval data="{\"Domain\":\"DotComMobile\",\"Metrics\":\"city\",\"Brooklyn\":782,\"Bronx\":450,\"New York\":411,\"Philadelphia\":287,\"Chicago\":254,\"Washington\":210,\"Silver Spring\":176,\"Houston\":148,\"Los Angeles\":140,\"Boston\":133}"
| spath input=data
| fields - data, Domain, _time, Metrics
| fieldsummary
| fields field max
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