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Is there any command to check app deployed status on the deployer? (like we can use "show cluster-bundle-status")

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When we try to deploy an app from deployer, the only one message after we "apply shcluster-bundle" is
Bundle has been pushed successfully to all the cluster members

Is there any command like we use on the master node, "show cluster-bundle-status" ???
It will list some information about the active bundle, last bundle, or service status is restarting or something else.
alt text

Like the pictures, we can check the active bundle is the same, or the service status is up or just restarting.

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Hi @ken_liu,

As far as I know there are no such commands to check bundle status from Deployer server. But you can check Search Head Cluster status on any Search Head Cluster member with command $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk show shcluster-status

Additionally if you are using Monitoring Console then you will able to monitor many more things for Search Head Cluster.

I hope this helps.


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thanks your response 😞

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